Going Through the Motions

When I was little, at church I would just wander off in my own little world. I got a little older and I started going through the motions. I got so used to doing the same thing every time. Some people see church as an ordinary routine, but I don’t. Every time I go to church something extraordinary happens. Being in God’s presence is extraordinary enough but also receiving the body and blood and becoming one with God is a whole different level of extraordinary. I watched a video called “What is our Response?” a week ago. The girl who talked, opened my eyes.  I saw myself going through the motions again. She said every time we go to church we renew our vows with God. When we proceed down the aisle, like when we walk down the aisle getting married, we marry God.  We marry God at our First Communion and we renew our vows every time we receive the body and blood of Christ after that. I learned that we should treat mass like we treat our wedding day. It should be special, beautiful, attention drawing, and happy. My religion is everything to me. I had to learn how to keep my faith and not go through the motions anymore. My life would not have a mission without God. We are all saints in the making. That’s my mission in life. I am a saint in the making.

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