Prom Time

Some people think Prom is just for the popular kids who want to dress in their $900 dollar dresses and go to fancy restaurants. Which for some it is all about the dress and the shoes and the food. For others, they might not have a date or an expensive dress, and they think it is embarrassing to go alone or even have an expensive dress, but it is not. For me, I would go alone in a heartbeat if it came down to it. I would walk out on that stage and rock it like i had Zac Efron as my escort. Prom doesn’t have to be about the dress, it can be more like having fun or just socializing. If you don’t have a date for prom do NOT be embarrassed, just go in a group with just friends or find other people who don’t have date to go with if you are uncomfortable about it. Come to Prom and rock it in whatever you have on and don’t like the social status keep you from having a good time.

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