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This is an exciting time for our coalition.  Wabash County Project Success is launching their website, a parent resource page called Social Link and a Youth Connections magazine distributed to all families in Wabash County school districts.
This journey began with a vision and a group of caring individuals who believed that together they could help make a difference for our youth.  A foundation was poured and bricks were stacked.  Each one serving a different purpose.  Each one placed strategically to support the other.  Bricks of hope, perseverance, love, strength, education, and encouragement began to emerge and continued to rise.  These walls are a smiling reminder to our youth to aspire to live the life they dream to live.
The mortar used to fill, bind and seal each building block is a mixture of tears, determination, love and stories.  Stories that bring different textures, colors, and strength to the journey.  A journey that began with only a few, has grown to a community of many.  Each contributing along the way.  Everyone recognizing that what we could accomplish together would be greater than what we could do alone.
Parenting is the most important position you will ever accept in your lifetime.  It is also the most rewarding.  The journey will be long, but you are not alone.  When you are tired and feel lost, there is support.  There are resources, fellow travelers (parents, community members, organizations) and YC magazine to provide information, support and access to services.  You have laid the foundation for your children.  Along the way, other caring adults have come along beside you and joined in your labor of love.  They never questioned what they would get in return or why should they invest their time and energy.  They just rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside you to strengthen that foundation.  The very foundation that continues to be built is the vision our youth see every day in our community.  They see hope, strength and life!  They see a community that believes in them.  A community working together to create solutions.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you and your family.

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