This spring break you may have some fancy destination, or may be just chillin’ at home. Whatever it is you’re doing make it count this spring break. Take the time to relax a little more without school. Sleep in, or wake up early and make some extra cash at work. A good spring break should recharge you for the rest of the school year, and give you a chance to step back and take a deep breath before the trek through fourth quarter. That being said, just because you didn’t get to go to the beach or another state for spring break  doesn’t mean you had a bad spring break. Spring break doesn’t mean making unhealthy choices to have fun or make it worthwhile. Unhealthy choices such as using drugs and alcohol, may seem like an accepted norm for spring break festivities, but they can actually counteract the purpose of spring break. Substance abuse on spring break may make you believe you are having a better time for having done them, however they can not only ruin your time, but take it away. The after affects of substance abuse will stay much longer than the high you get from them, and instead of spring break being a break from school, and life for a week, alcohol can act like an accelerator on your week off. Substance abuse instead of adding joy, popularity, and relaxation to your life can add paranoia, anxiety, and depression. Don’t come back from spring break worried about if someone at the drinking party ratted your name to the cops, come back worry free with a new stash of fun substance-free stories to tell all your friends. This spring break be happy, be smart, and just be you!

“Live on and be yourself”


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