The Back Porch

The green blades of grass dance in the wind as the day begins to wind down. Birds celebrate with song the gift of spring. I breathe in the stillness of it all and smile.

Sometimes I need to escapes to the back porch by myself to reflect on the day or simply just be. In the rush of everyday life, these moments are few and far between. Every year I vow that as a family, we are going to simplify our lives. Less time in the car traveling to activities and more time focused on nights/weekends at home. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered that well-intentioned plan yet. My car is still a shuttle that smells like a boy’s locker room. In the winter, its hockey and spring brings lacrosse. Soccer is year round. Now these are only our athletic events. We have extra-curricular activities that are squeezed in this tightly woven schedule as well.

So, you see why these nightly escapes are almost like a vacation to me. I will try to take as much of it in as I possibly can before I have to return to the chaos of life. Tonight, I count as a gift. Everyone is home. No pressing schedules. No places to be. It is almost surreal. I look up to see a collection of birds gathering at the bird feeder posted in the back yard. I almost feel guilty for the time spent watching them. There’s laundry that needs to be tended to and a house that has been neglected due to life. I take a deep breath and give myself permission to enjoy the solitude of this evening. The laundry will be there tomorrow. The dust on the furniture can be taken care of another day. Today, I will treasure the gift of a simple day at home with my family.


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